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    8 Most Popular Types of Corpse Paint

    So, let me tell you what corpse paint is as a special phenomenon in heavy music, inherent in its brutal form in 99% of cases exclusively to the black metal genre. You can, of course, say that Kiss musicians were the first to apply corpse paint on their faces, but this will not be entirely true. Makeup in glam rock plays a different role. Makeup in heavy music is part of a common philosophy and black concept, an important component of many hundreds of bands around the world. Ok, you want to know why adult brutal guys paint their faces to look like corpses? A little bit of history No…

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    3 Technologies to Try With Tempera Paint of 2020

    Tempera painting is one of the oldest techniques that was used for painting. The beginning of its use dates back to the beginning of time, but temperament gained widespread in Byzantium. This type of painting got its name from the name of the paint, i.e. tempera paint. 3 main techniques with tempera paint The technique of tempera painting is an extremely complex process that gives good results in the finale. Regardless of the type of tempera, artists use three types of painting: Underpainting Lazurization Underpainting-lazurization, Let’s talk about each of them in two words. Underpainting Technique The underpainting is a painting system consisting of the gradual application of light and…

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  • Vallejo Paint For Metal, Plastic and Resin Miniatures - Post Thumbnail

    Vallejo Paint For Metal, Plastic and Resin Miniatures

    Acrylicos Vallejo produces paints for artists, animators, modelers, and painting supplies. Vallejo paint series are designed for painting game thumbnails and models. It is applied by brush, in the diluted form, it is possible to apply with an airbrush. The jar is made in the form of a pipette, which protects the paint from drying out and spilling.   How did this paint appear? The company begins its existence in 1965 in the state of New Jersey, USA, and specializes in creating paints for animators. But in 1969, the company moved to Spain, as the famous animation studios were located in Eastern Europe. In the 80s, the company released its…

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    Сheap Dog Bed

    How to Choose a Cheap Dog Bed and Avoid Overpaying? Every dog needs to have a bed. If your pet still needs one, you should get to know more about the selection of options and get it as soon as possible. You’ll dive into the world of waterproof, orthopedic, elevated, and other kinds of dog beds. The selection might seem overwhelming at first but there is a simple way to cope with it and make the right choice. Besides, there are so many reasons to do so. Let’s go over some of them. We’ll also discuss the most affordable options that are worth your attention.  Why does your dog need…

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    Benefits of Internet Search Engine Optimization Services

    Most visitors to the net utilize the internet search engine to uncover services or products. Each time a customer is trying to find a manufactured goods turns up within your website, your product or service listing will come on top. Internet search engine optimization (internet search engine optimization) providers assist you in accomplishing this. Internet search engine optimization benefits include targeted prospects, increase brand visibility, high Roi, and greater sales. Once the servicing of pages is conducted by proper validation and optimization of files, your files become smaller sized in proportions. Making the right choice in relation to keywords and phrases plays a crucial role in Internet search engine optimization…

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