Vallejo Paint For Metal, Plastic and Resin Miniatures

Acrylicos Vallejo produces paints for artists, animators, modelers, and painting supplies. Vallejo paint series are designed for painting game thumbnails and models. It is applied by brush, in the diluted form, it is possible to apply with an airbrush. The jar is made in the form of a pipette, which protects the paint from drying out and spilling.


How did this paint appear?

The company begins its existence in 1965 in the state of New Jersey, USA, and specializes in creating paints for animators. But in 1969, the company moved to Spain, as the famous animation studios were located in Eastern Europe.

In the 80s, the company released its most advanced and famous Acrylic Studio series of acrylic paints, which takes the company to a new level. The company begins to manufacture acrylic paints for hobbies and modeling only in the 90s of the last century. For their production, only advanced technologies and types of raw materials were used, as well as many years of diverse experience. Thanks to this, Acrylicos Vallejo acrylics are valued by modelers around the world.

Physical and chemical properties

So, Vallejo is a bright representative of water-based acrylic paints, with their inherent properties. According to the manufacturer, the paint is pre-diluted for use under an airbrush, but for better spraying and controllability, the transparency of the layers is recommended to dilute them even more, especially if you use tools with nozzles of small diameters (up to 0.2 mm) and low pressure, to achieve fine lines.

The water-based formula was specially developed to hold paint on surfaces such as metal and plastic, despite this mixture is not toxic, flammable and does not produce harmful fumes.

Also, talk about drying paint. The fact is that the drying time of the samples (which is not surprising) directly depends on the amount of water in the solution. Based on the chemistry of the process, water evaporates more slowly than alcohols, therefore, the larger the proportion of water, the slower the painted surface will dry out

Now for adhesion. If the surface of the plate is glossy, therefore, the paint on the ungrounded surface should hold worse. However, user observations show that the Vallejo paint of the Model Air series adheres equally well to both a primed surface and without soil, it is enough to give it time to completely evaporate the water component, and this, approximately 24 hours.

Which diluent is better to take?

Vallejo Airbrush Thinner is thinner for Vallejo Model Air, Game Air, Model Color, Game Color, Metal Color, Panzer Aces, Mecha Color line paints.

It is used to improve the fluidity of the paint, while maintaining all the original properties of the material, including hiding power, adhesion, and color. Contributes to less clogging of the nozzle during printing. It comes in 32 ml of plastic bottles with a convenient dispenser cap.

Main advantages of thinner Airbrush Thinner for Vallejo paints:

  • Special formula for Vallejo’s range of acrylic watercolors.
  • Improves fluidity of the material and eliminates frequent clogging of the nozzle.
  • It does not affect the characteristics of adhesion and hiding power.
  • Non-toxic water-based material.
  • Virtually odorless.

Use: the ratio that is optimal for you is determined empirically, but we recommend starting with a variation of 10 drops of paint, 2 drops of diluent. Most often used for metal dilution and when working with airbrushes having a nozzle diameter of less than 0.3 mm.

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