Tamara Black’s Top Antivirus for Gaming

For today, it is a critical step for every user to pick the reliable antivirus solution. What can protect your PC from viruses better than a full-scale, complete app designed to preserve your data and maintain stable performance of your computer?

That last point we mentioned is especially important for gamers. You don’t want to lose a single frame while gaming, and at the same time there is the need to keep your data safe. In this case, read the list of top 3 apps that are antivirus for gaming by Tamara Black. Let’s make your PC run super smoothly without losing in protection.

Avast Free Antivirus

A great, world-famous and most used free antivirus solution by Avast guarantees reliable protection from Trojans and viruses in real time all the day round. The latest version of Avast has a refreshed and intuitive user interface, several unique functions (Intelligent Scanner, AutoSandbox, etc.), improved performance quality, the really big virus database updated daily, and one more surprise for gamers – the gaming mode. It switches off all unnecessary processes to boost system performance and at the same time continues protecting your virtual space from viruses, malware and adware agents.

The new version of Avast also includes the built-in function of remote support. The user can connect to the other user’s PC (requires the recipient’s permission) and provide him or her with tech support or assistance. That’s pretty comfortable.

All in all, Avast Free Antivirus is a great choice for an average gamer who needs to keep the system clean without sudden performance drops and annoying popup notifications.  

AVG Anti-Virus Free

It is another popular antivirus having deep system integration as its feature. AVG automatically scans files and apps on launch to prevent infiltration of Trojans, viruses and spyware. Additionally, AVG has an option of scheduling the system scanning procedure. Thanks to it, you can be in control of the drive checking and malware curing exactly when it’s comfortable for you. The latest version of AVG has a user-friendly interface with beautiful design and comfortable menus.

The AVG is excellent in protecting your system and at the same time it does not consume a lot of your PC resources. Unlike the paid version containing many additional instruments, the freeware app works much more stably while the user gets the same top tech support service.

The speed of AVG is impressive. Additionally, the email scanner allows you getting rid of specialized applications. The new Link Scanner function allows the user to ask the app to scan the site without actually visiting it. More than 5 million people use AVG all over the world, and it deserves this popularity.

Comodo AntiVirus

The Comodo AntiVirus is a universal home or office protection option. Compared to the standard Microsoft solutions, Comodo has much better ratings when it comes to compatibility and update frequency.

Besides, Comodo AntiVirus is thought to be among the Windows 10 pioneers. Its developers keep up to their principles: simple interface and usual functions that constantly get improved are always here. In addition to basic possibilities, you can use the firewall, the sandbox (isolated environment) to open suspicious files, and the gaming mode to run games without lags.  

Comodo AntiVirus users also say about its positive feature which is critical for gamers: it does not demand much of system resources to function properly.

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