Bitdefender Antivirus Review

Bitdefender is an antivirus software that is quite popular today. It is essential to find the best solution to stay protected when surfing the Internet, and since there are several software products that you can pay your attention to, it may be quite challenging to pick something. If you wish to find out more about Bitdefender solution, you should keep this review. Also check great relative antivirus information like:

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Bitdefender Features

There are several interesting features of this software solution that you should pay your attention. Generally, it allows you to enjoy the following:

  •      Tough Protection. You will be provided with a high level of protection;
  •      Great Performance. The software offers good speed and the best performance;
  •      Absolute Privacy. The solution will take care of your privacy and personal data.

The following are the features ensuring a high level of protection:

  •      Intelligent Threat Defense;
  •      Rescue Mode;
  •      Web Attack Prevention;
  •      Multi-Tier Ransomware Protection;
  •      Real-Time Data Protection;
  •      Phishing Protection;
  •      Safe Files;
  •      Anti-Fraud.

The following are the features ensuring great performance:

  •      Photon;
  •      Game/ Work/Movie Modes
  •      Autopilot;
  •      Global Protective Network;
  •      Battery Mode.

The following are the features ensuring great performance:

  •      VPN;
  •      File Encryption;
  •      File Shredder;
  •      Webcam Protection;
  •      Social Network Protection;
  •      Vulnerability Assessment;
  •      Privacy Firewall;
  •      Safe Internet Banking;
  •      Wi-Fi Security Advisor;
  •      Parental Control;
  •      Password Manager.

The Price

There are several pricing plans that you can choose from. For instance, if you opt for Internet Security, you will pay $44.99 for one year. You can use this product on three devices.

You can also get it for two years at the price of $89.99, and if you decide to purchase this product for three years, you will pay just $112.49. You can check this solution out for 30 days entirely for free.

Advantages and Disadvantages

It is essential to take into account both advantages and disadvantages before purchasing this software, and we offer you to check them out:


  •      Great malware protection;
  •      Will did not affect your device performance;
  •      Has a great set of different features.


  •      Slow disk scanning;
  •      Not the best at blocking targeted attacks.

Customer Reviews

To find out more about this software solution, we have checked out what customers think of it. On Trustpilot, Bitdefender has a rating of 7.3 out of 10 based on 3,109 reviews. Seventy-two of customers believe that it is excellent software, and 12% of them do not like it at all. On Consumer affair, the software has the rating 3.3 out of 5 based on 22 votes.

Bitdefender is one of the most popular antivirus software products that you can find on the market today. Although some customers do not like this software for different reasons, there are lots of people who believe that this product is excellent.

They have several pricing plans, and you will be able to choose something that you like the most. Moreover, you can test this software for 30 days without any obligations. All in all, there are plenty of benefits of this software solution, and if you are looking for good antivirus, you should check it out.

Bitdefender threat scanner

Scan.dll is not necessary for Windows. Scan.dll is located in a subfolder of “C: \ Program Files.” The following file sizes are known for Windows 10/8/7 / XP 326,224 bytes (33% of all cases), 327,680 bytes, 315,392 bytes, 311,296 bytes or 502,504 bytes.
The service can be started and stopped from the Toolbar – Services or other programs.

The process is inactive. The process has no visible window. This is not a Windows system file. Therefore the technical security rating is 1% dangerous.
In case you have problems using scan.dll, you can seek help on the Radialpoint website, or delete the program.

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