The Most Popular Information Technology Jobs

It is essential to choose the right job that will provide you with a good level of income and that you will like. If you are looking for something related to information technology, then you should check out our list of the most popular IT jobs that you can find today.

Cloud Architect

Cloud storage space requires being, and that is why an architect is needed. To get this position, you first of all need to obtain a bachelor’s degree. It is one of the highest paying information technology jobs because you can earn $112,000.  

IT consultant

IT consultant is related to evaluating the systems and doing specific research. This specialist is required when a company wants to find out the less costly and quickest ways to run devices better. If you are interested in this position, you should think of getting a degree in computer science. If you become an expert, you can earn $96,400.

Forensic Analyst

This specialist is a computer crime detective who works with law enforcement agencies and private firms for retrieving information from different devices. If you are interested in this position, you must get a relevant degree related to information security. You can earn about $64,000.

Health IT Specialist

As a health IT specialist, you will do actions related to installing and maintaining computer systems as well as software within a healthcare facility. This means that you will be working with medical coding software for creating and managing patient files, and ensuring data integrity along with regulatory compliance. If you wish to work in the field, you will need an associate degree or certification, and in some cases, you are also required to have a relevant degree. Working as a health IT specialist, you can earn about $45,000.

Mobile Application Developer

You can become a developer using primary coding languages to create programs for iOS/Android devices. To work as this specialist, you must get a relevant education, such as a bachelor’s in computer science, software engineering, and a mobile computer. You can earn about $90,000.

Web Developer

You will create web pages, web apps, as well as web content. Having an excellent understanding of operating systems is crucial. You also must learn a range of languages, including JavaScript and HTML. You must go through accredited degree programs to be able to earn about $90,000.

Software Engineer

Software engineers develop various programs to run on different devices. You must get a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or something similar. You can earn about $89,000.

IT Vendor Manager

As an IT vendor manager, you are responsible for the supply of software and hardware, which can be anything from the latest processors to IT programs. You must have a degree in computer science, and you can earn $88,000.

Geospatial Professionals

GIS tech work with geographic data to evaluate and communicate trends in a proper way. You must have certificate programs and degrees. You can earn about $84,000.

Data Modeler

This specialist often works with a team of data architects, but their role is to translate requirements into logical data models. You must have a bachelor’s degree in CS, informational technology, or mathematics. You can earn up to $103,000.

As you can see, the choice of popular IT jobs is quite long, and you should be able to find something that matches your requirements the most.

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